Thursday, August 9, 2012

My BSC collection

In order to make this more fun for me, I've been buying BSC books from the local thrift stores. In two weeks, I've amassed a collection of 15 books, 5 super specials, and 2 mysteries. I intend to keep gathering as many books as possible in this way.
I was talking to a good friend of mine (hi, Tessie!) and she agreed to help me out by looking at her local thrift stores. In order to avoid duplicates, we made a list of my top "wants"--books that were so bad or hilarious that I have to have them, or that have a special meaning for me. Here it is:
#43 Stacey's Emergency
#95 Kristy + Bart = ?
The one where Claudia discovers the little boys are being abused by their father
Mystery #7, Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs
Super Special #15 Babysitters' European Vacation
We were joking about these. I've never read the last one, hence why I want to find it. #43 is a big joke in my family. We never say the title properly; if I get a chance to blog it, there will be a video as part of the blog, explaining it. Mystery #7 is known by Tessie and me as "The Mallory Book" because Mal looks like a moron on the cover. The other two are just fun “issue” books.

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