Monday, June 3, 2013

June: Happy Birthday, Jessi!

I could have sworn that Claudia had a birthday near the end of June and that Jessi's was near the end of July. But the final Mallory entry actually listed Jessi's birthday, so I was able to clarify. Before that, I had mentally pulled out a copy of #33 to read this week. Instead, I think I'll be reading #36, Jessi's Baby-sitter, for my next entry.

When I was growing up, I always was envious of Jessi for dancing. Everyone had their one "thing" that made them stand out. Kristy's was sports, Claudia's was art, Stacey's was sophistication/fashion, MA's was having a boyfriend, Dawn's was being a rabbit (as Claudia called it), and Mallory's was writing. At the age of ten, I had to write stories for school and took gym and art classes even if I wasn't sporty or artsy. I didn't want a boyfriend, really (though believe me, in my fantasies I was married and lived happily ever after) and I didn't care for fashion. I had to eat what was given to me, so I couldn't be a "vegetarian" or health nut like Dawn (though I haven't eaten meat since I was seventeen.)

But I'd never taken dance classes, and I had two left feet. I'd always wanted to be graceful and learn ballet, but I never signed up for anything. Jessi always made it all look easy, and with her long legs and fluid movements...I was jealous.

Hope to find a Jessi book I haven't read yet to complete the month, but I think there is only one and I don't have a copy. We shall see how that goes.


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