Wednesday, October 2, 2013

British covers!

So I am, I must say, loving going through and putting covers on the posts. I'll have the rest of them done probably next week. I get to see "other covers" including one that cracked me up:
I guess that, in French, Stacey is known as Lucy? I don't know French, but this is obviously Mystery #1. Bijou is jewel, I believe.

But I love the British covers. I have the omnibus of #43-#45, and the cover features Stacey and Charlotte. Here are all the British Babysitters:

Awesome. Both Kristy and EM look like ass. And Kristy's mega pissed.
Just me, or does Claudia look Latina? There's an ethnic group you don't get to see (unless you read California Diaries.)
Why is Stacey so much cuter than the other girls so far? Also this is nothing like how she looks on MY book.

Mary Anne looks six in the first one. In the second, she looks like LD from Degrassi! It's freaky!
Dawn looks normal, except she apparently has a mullet.
Because we haven't had enough Degrassi Junior High, Mallory looks like Voula.
Jessi's adorable. And chestier than you'd expect.

Okay. Why is Abby's hair green? Seriously?
Logan's not nearly as cute when he's British.

I couldn't find a picture of Shannon, unfortunately.

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  1. yes bijoux is jewels it the frist mystery in french