Monday, June 23, 2014

BSC swears and more!

I didn’t realize how fully the BSC has taken over my life until the other day. I was training a sixteen year old coworker (why yes, that does make me feel ancient. Thank you for asking) and she saw a paper I had written a note on. She picked the paper up and said something that would have sounded completely nutty if I didn’t work with her: “What the Ducky McCrae is this?”
I guess I use my BSC swear words more often than I think at work. Obviously, when you work on the sales floor of a store, you cannot really swear and you need to watch what you say. I used to say a lot of “sugar” and “fudge” but that got boring. So instead of what the heck/hell/other word, I started saying what the ducky. And then when I read the California Diaries, it turned into what the Ducky McCrae.
One of my coworkers got “spoken to” for saying “For the love of God,” because someone might be offended. It was something she said every time she was frustrated, so she amended it to “For the love of Pete.” A couple weeks ago, I wrote a passive-aggressive note to my underlings and modified it to “For the love of Pete Black.”
As I said, yeah. Taken over my life!
On a completely separate note, “Teah” (Tessie’s sister and mom to some of my “nieces” and “nephews”) got all excited this weekend and tagged me in the following photo on Facebook. She bought a collection of 57 Little Sister books at one of my favorite book stores.

She’s thrilled that her daughter will someday be reading the books she loved so much when she was a kid. The Pepper is six and just finished kindergarten. The LS books are just a little above her reading level but I think she’ll be ready for them very soon. I’m glad that our Peppery-goodness likes to read, but my first thought was, “Don’t give her any Karen books! They rot the brain!” (Think I can get the sixteen year olds at work to call stupid and annoying coworkers Karens? I’d try it if we didn’t have an awesome coworker who’s actually named Karen.)

Ah, well. Teah’s already ask if the Pepper can borrow my BSC books when she’s old enough for them. I said, no promises. (Heh heh.) Actually, I was thinking that if I started Pepper her own collection, then I have an excuse to continue going to thrift stores and also to not share my books.

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