Sunday, March 20, 2016

BSC Fun! Or not.

In my latest vlog, I mentioned my similarity to Mallory in appearance. To misquote myself, I looked just like Mallory when I was eleven, except the hair. And I promised to prove it. Before we get to that, I want to prove that I wasn’t always a big dork. So here are two photos of me when I was cute, before I wore Hufflepuff shirts and randomly quoted Doctor Who.

And…here I am, circa age twelve. Wasn’t I gorgeous? Don’t you love my oversized glasses, great hair choices, and amazing sense of fashion? I knew you would.

Here’s the (allegedly) fun part. How many people here will admit they’ve ever dressed up like Claudia? Or that there is a photo of them, somewhere, wearing an outfit like Mary Anne used to wear? Or even that they’ve seen a stock photo and said to themselves, “Hey, it’s Stacey!” and are willing to prove it? If I have enough responses, I’ll make it a contest and find an appropriately cheesy prize to mail to the winner.

Don’t let me down now, guys. 

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  1. Eeee! I'm so excited! I just discovered your blog! I'm in the process of blogging my own re-read of the BSC, as I've been inspired by so many other blogs over the years. I like that yours has vlogs on it. It's the first that I've seen. I've long since caught up on everyone else's vlogs, so I'm excited to have some new internet reading material to waste my time on for the next week or so. Yay procrastination! haha