Thursday, January 3, 2013

Okay, Okay...

I got all perturbed reading the last book and freaking out over names and zip codes. So I went through my other super specials, because I knew that in at least one case, they did the "full postcard" format of SS #2. So I pulled out California Girls (SS #5) and dug through that one. The zip codes and addresses are all still the same. And, most of the first names are the same too--only one different is Jessi's parents, but she just addresses that to the Ramseys.

Because I am a ridiculous, here are the addresses for just about anyone who receives a letter in these two books. I also added the names of the moms, when available:

Watson and Elizabeth Brewer:
1210 McLelland Rd
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

John and Miyoshi Kishi
58 Bradford Ct
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

John and ??? Ramsey*
612 Fawcett Ave
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Richard Spier (pre-marriage to Sharon)/Ben Hobart
59 Bradford Ct
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Jack Schafer and Carol Olson**
22 Buena Vista
Palo City, CA 92800

Laine Cummings***
The Dakota
72nd and Central Park West
New York, NY 10000

Daniel and Dee Pike
31 Slate St
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Lyman Bruno
689 Burnt Hill Rd
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Sharon Schafer/Richard and Sharon Spier
177 Burnt Hill Rd
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Henry and Grace Walker
14 West 81st St. Apt 18E
New York, NY 10000

Bart Taylor
65 Edgerstoun Dr
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Granny and Pop-Pop Porter
747 Bertrand Dr
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Ashley Wyeth
12 Reilly Ln
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Edward and Maureen McGill (pre-divorce)
14 West 81st St. Apt 12E
New York, NY 10000

Keisha Ramsey
8320 Wagner Ln
Oakley, NJ 07400

Maureen McGill (post-divorce)
89 Elm St
Stoneybrook, CT 06800

Edward McGill (post-divorce)
321 E 65th St Apt 2F
New York, NY 10000

*Anyone know Jessi's mom's first name? Aunt Cecelia or Jessi's dad must use it at some point, right?

**Carol keeps her last name, as is firmly established in California Diaries. Their daughter Gracie's full name is Elizabeth Grace Schafer Olson.

***I wonder if this is how one would really address mail to someone in The Dakota, or if it has an actual street address.


  1. Myosin is Peaches, Claud's mom is Rioko.

    1. Oops! That should be Myoshi, don't even know how it changed.