Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Format!

So, I was going to blog all about Jessi's holiday miseries in #103 Happy Holidays Jessi, but seeing as I had the stomach flu and I'm dealing with a terminally ill kitty cat, I just didn't have the heart to read about little Squirt's head injury.

So I was remembering something I read on a short-lived BSC blog and decided to steal adapt the idea for mine. The BSC members, despite never really aging, had established birthdays. So each month, I'm going to dedicate myself to reading about the BSC member who has a birthday that month. Conveniently, each month, January through October, has one BSC member's birth. Some of the months will be harder than others--Shannon only has one book, you know--but I'm bound and determined to find enough super specials to fill out the rougher months. Including this one.

So, happy birthday this month to Logan! I'm going to dedicate each book to the only BSC member to join just so they could get in someone else's pants.

Also, since it's a new year, all "ages now" will be after a 2013 birthday.

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