Monday, February 11, 2013

February: Happy Birthday, Dawn

So....I sucked at Logan. Partly because it was hard to get ahold of his books, and partly because I fell off a ladder at work and was laid up for a while. But February is definitely going to go easier. There are a lot more Dawn books, and some of them are sitting on the bookshelf waiting.
It always bugged me that when the books took place in the spring, Dawn and Stacey would still be 13. I guess it would be harder when they cycled back to the fall to explain why she'd gone back in age...but then why even bother giving them birthdays at all? It's like reading the early books. Other than Mary Anne, the girls didn't really have birthdays in the series, so they never mention their ages. In book five, Dawn never mentions her age, even though she and Stacey should be 13, and the other three, 12.
I'm going over to the bookshelf to pick out some Dawn books to read. Let's hope I have enough to avoid the "book that must not be named." (Think Voldemort.)

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