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“How could the ceiling give her strength?” BSC #99: Stacey’s Broken Heart (1996)

Here’s something that says a lot to me. When I started this blog, I had read every single Dawn book ever written, except for the California Diaries (which I have now read and enjoy more than Dawn’s BSC books). Actually, I didn’t read #98 until a few weeks later, but work with me here. Dawn is the only sitter you could say this about, which is odd, considering how much I make fun of her. And it’s still true to this day. I have one or more books from each sitter that I have still never read:
Kristy: #118
Claudia: FF #7
Mary Anne: #102
Abby: M #28, M #35
Mallory: #108
Jessi: #115
And I’ve left one sitter out…let me explain why. Including this book, traveling through the Friends Forever series but leaving out the mysteries, Stacey has 9 more books I have to read for this blog. And of those, I have read…one.
Yup. I’d never read #94 before I blogged it a couple years ago, either. What does this mean? I guess I felt like Stacey was the sitter I had the least in common with. As much as Dawn may annoy me sometimes, we both wore what we liked rather than what was trendy and we both didn’t eat meat, so I could relate to her sometimes. On the other hand, I’ve never been considered boy crazy, or sophisticated. I did well in math in school but could never relate to Stacey’s mania for it. I definitely don’t have diabetes, and my parents didn’t divorce until I was much older. I never read Stacey’s Secret Friend, for example, because I felt I would relate better to the secret friend than to Stacey and therefore would think Stacey was an idiot. I generally wind up liking most of Stacey’s plots okay once I get reading, but I need an incentive (like a BLOG) to get me started.
Robert’s been acting weird lately, and Stacey finds herself acting jealous and insecure around him. She goes to spend a week with her father in NYC, babysitting for the Walker kids, and while she’s there, Claudia tells her that she saw Robert kissing another girl. Stacey and Robert break up, but it’s okay, because Stacey conveniently meets another guy in the city she likes even better.
Meanwhile, with Kristy in Hawaii and Stacey in New York, Abby takes over as both secretary and president. Kristy doesn’t think she can handle both jobs, so Abby overcompensates to prove she’s capable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned and her Mexican Festival planning is a hot mess of a disaster.
Interesting Tidbits

This cover kinda makes me laugh. Robert actually looks like a young teen boy, complete with Converse sneakers. Stacey looks like she can’t stand to be apart from him for one second…or she just came back and he’s just given her some bad news and is trying to fix it with flowers.

It’s not a sign of a healthy relationship that Stacey is analyzing Robert’s smile when he’s talking to Andi…on page four. They don’t give too much lead up to this break up, other than Robert ‘flirting’ in SS#13. It’s interesting, though, that that the girls all think he’s flirting while Robert just sees it as being friendly. I’ve maintained before that your friends are often the best judge of your relationship. If one friend hates your boyfriend, then it could just be bad blood. But if all your friends hate your boyfriend…or think your boyfriend is flirting with other girls…then they’re probably right. Trust them.
Stacey got a new computer game, and she invites Robert over to play it with her. Ms. McGill has a rule that Robert is only allowed in the kitchen if he comes over, so Robert asks if they’ll be able to play, since the TV isn’t in the kitchen. So Stacey plays computer games on her TV?
This is a little disturbing. Stacey didn’t want to play tennis with Andi and Sheila because she wanted to keep Robert all to herself. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a sign that Stacey doesn’t trust Robert, or if she’s got an unhealthy obsession with him.
Stacey calls Kristy The Mouse that Roared. It suits.
Here’s a valid question: The whole B plot comes about because Kristy doesn’t think Abby can handle being BSC president and treasurer at the same time. Abby then sets out to prove her wrong by trying waaaaay too hard. Kristy suggests that Abby be treasurer and Mary Anne should be president during that time. But what about Claudia? What’s the point of her being VP if it’s all just ceremonial? (Kristy does indeed suggest this next when Abby calls her out.)
Abby: “Besides, I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the White House.”
I think this is the first time Robert’s younger sister is mentioned. At this point, she has no name.
OOH, ooh! Robert LIED to Stacey! He told her he was playing basketball with his guy friends. Since Stace has no plans, she decides to go watch them play. When she gets there, Robert’s friends are all there, but he isn’t. This is turning into a soap opera, which makes me all sorts of gleeful. (That, and just as I wrote that, Reid and Rossi made a soap opera joke on Criminal Minds.)
Um, this is special. Emily Bernstein calls during the BSC meeting to tell Stacey she saw Robert at the mall with another girl. She says she isn’t sure she did the right thing—which I definitely agree she did. But here’s where she goes wrong. She calls during the meeting. She says she didn’t have Stacey’s number, so she called Claudia’s number when she knows Stacey will be there. I’ll buy that she has Claudia’s number; maybe she got it while Claud was working on the newspaper that one time. But she knows she’s calling to tell Stacey personal, private info while she’s with six other people. Wouldn’t it have made so much more sense to call Claudia and ask for Stacey’s phone number? Either Emily’s not as bright as she usually comes across or she gets her rocks off causing drama.
Claudia’s spelling! Beleeve, riting (writing), notbook, sade, haf (have), aboat, wat, happend, themselfs, furst, presitent. She also uses no for know and to for too.
Claudia’s concerned at the end of Abby’s first attempt at a group project, because Abby’s stance is that you don’t need to be…well, Kristy…to be organized and keep things running smoothly. But things end badly when Marnie Barrett briefly goes missing and Abby ends up calling 911 right at the same time they find her. Honestly, the only thing Abby did wrong in this case was not have some other plan for what Marnie and Ryan were going to do during this activity. Those two are too little for papier-mâché, and they just wind up making messes and causing problems.
Stacey, listen to Claudia. If she tells you that it’s stupid to spy on Robert instead of just talking to him directly, she’s right. Of course, the behavior in which Stacey’s indulging is much more entertaining and much more teenager-y. I love it.
Hee hee. Robert and Pete went in to see a ‘romantic Julie Talbert movie.’ I think Stacey should stop worrying about Robert and Sue, or Jacqui, or Andi, or any other girl. Pete and Robert, sitting in a tree! Yes, I am so terribly mature today. Oh, and since Pete grew out his hair over the summer, Stacey suggests that he might be the ‘girl with dark hair’ Emily saw Robert having lunch with. Hot dog!
Whenever Stacey starts talking about NYC, I want to punch her (metaphorically). She says that going through the tunnel into the city makes her feel faster, more sophisticated and smarter in New York. And smarmier and more annoying, too.
So Abby decides to have a group activity to make signs for the Mexican Festival. But she doesn’t know when or where the festival will be and doesn’t have a template for the kids to copy. So the signs end up unreadable messes…and she wasted a bunch of money on them.
During the sign-making, Margo asks Claudia for spelling help. Hee hee! Oh, and then Claud helps Sara Hill make a sign that reads ‘BSC Mexican Festuval, Gaems, Food and Fun, Nexd Sadurday at no one.’ Sara is nine. I’d think she know how to spell a couple of those words, at least.
Stacey, Stacey, Stacey. People keep talking sense around her, and she refuses to listen. First it was Claudia suggesting Stace be upfront with Robert. Now, Stacey’s dad is suggesting that she and Robert are too young for a committed relationship. Stacey actually thinks that her dad thinks she and Robert can’t work out because his marriage broke up, rather than because they’re middle schoolers!
I love it! The Walker kids are all excited because their dad let them have Fluff for lunch. A couple years ago, Tessie said she used to love to come to my house during the day because my mom would let us eat peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches. I couldn’t even imagine eating Fluff for lunch anymore, but I do still love it on ice cream.
The title quote is what Henry says in response to the fact that his mother said ‘Give me strength!’ while looking up after he made a huge mess of his breakfast. Grace: “Cereal is not heavy.” Little kids are so literal.
Abby’s festival works out okay in the end and actually makes a bunch of money. But everything’s half-done when the festival is due to start, and it’s only because everyone starts thinking WWKD—What Would Kristy Do?—that it all comes together. They all call their friends and family (Logan, Shannon, Anna, Ben) and put them, plus Mal’s oldest sibs, to work to make sure everything actually happens.
“How will I ever find another guy who will let me blow my nose on his sleeve?” Umm, why would you want that? (It’s taken out of context and actually makes sense in the break up scene. Still gross.)
New Characters
Ethan (15)—34
Andi: tennis whites
Sheila: purple unitard (ewwww!)
Claudia: turquoise leggings, large purple top with fabric paint unicorn
Stacey’s Mom: beige pants, sleeveless tunic, scarf
Stacey: khaki Bermuda shorts, yellow cotton shirt with violets on it; flowered sundress; another flowered sundress; black sleeveless dress with black sandals; skinny black pants and a pink cardigan
Pete: denim shirt
Mrs. Walker: gold, purple and orange African print gown
Henry: white shirt, black pants
Grace: cobalt blue party dress with lace collar
Ethan: jeans, white t-shirt, gray sports coat
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