Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Graphic Novels

I was able to get ahold of the graphic novels for Kristy's Great Idea, The Truth about Stacey and Claudia and Mean Janine. (Unfortunately, my library has neither the graphic novel nor the re-write for Mary Anne Saves the Day; my post about that will be based on the original.)

The Claudia graphic novel will get a post under #7, but I wanted to comment on the other two. First, let me say they are ADORABLE! Other than Claudia having a streak of pink in her hair, the girls look pretty much the way I've always imagined them, only updated. Stacey's hair is no longer permed, but long and cute. She looks very generically fashionable--in the way that most of what middle school girls find cute hasn't changed much in the six years since this was published. Claudia's trendiness largely consists of her wearing clothes that clash. It's a very visual way of demonstrating her originality in black and white, and not far off from what I've seen some girls do. In these early books, Mary Anne is still dressed by her dad, and the vision is spot-on. And Kristy's all jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and pony tails.

Some of the other characters I found cute/interesting:
Karen. Yes, I hate her, and she's still obnoxious, but the drawing of her is just so sweet-looking. I almost forgot how annoying she is.
Lucy. Awww, what a cute baby.
Charlotte. I just wanted to hug her--she's so sweet and drawn so well.
Pete. I've already revealed my crush on Pete, and the drawing of him is just so good-looking. He looks so earnest.
Leslie. The BSA member who infiltrates the BSC who doesn't have a mouthful of gum. She's pictured with a lip ring.
The Parents. Both Kristy's mom and Stacey's parents look really young. Watson is all bald and skinny.

The plot lines are nearly word-for-word to the books. And while the clothes may have changed a little bit, you could completely substitute these for the regular books. A few things have changed here and there, but nothing major. (See below.) It's a great way to draw in reluctant readers. Overall, I give them a definite thumbs up.

Changes I saw:

In Kristy, Claudia is wearing a rainbow t-shirt rather than sheep barrettes when she accuses Kristy of dressing like a baby. In this version, she says "Rainbows...are in."

In Stacey, when Stacey gets the popcorn and drink (which had no price in the re-write), it's $9.25.

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