Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"I was not about to watch anybody throw up a Crazy Burger." #8 Boy Crazy Stacey (1987)

AKA Stacey Goes All Jersey Shore

Side note: I went thrift store shopping today, and I always stop and check out the kids' books while I'm there. To my surprise, I found quite a few BSC books--nearly every book, 1-20, and a couple of others. I'm trying to keep the cost of this little project as low as possible, seeing as I'm broker than broke. But I did pick up a copy of #9 The Ghost at Dawn's House, since my library doesn't have it. I plan to stick it back on the shelf at the same store when I'm done reading it, so they can sell it again. For next week, I'm hoping to read (in this order) SS #1, #9, and #10.

The Pikes contact the BSC, looking for two mother's helpers for a vacation to Sea City, New Jersey. Mary Anne and Stacey are the two luckies who get to go. Stacey instantly falls in love with an 18 year old lifeguard, and she starts neglecting the Pike gang. After she spends a while making an ass out of herself, she discovering him snogging with a girl his own age and is heartbroken. She then gets her first kiss from a boy. Meanwhile, MA meets a boy of her own and realizes boys aren't from Mars.

Interesting tidbits

When the BSC scatters, Kristy's the one who starts the crying. That doesn't sound right.

Mrs. Pike says they've been going to Sea City for nine years. You mean to tell me she took a two year old, one year old triplets and an infant to the shore while she was pregnant? (On a side note, I've always wondered about the age gaps of the Pike kids. I know a woman who gave birth to twins while she had two other kids under the age of two and a half. She barely slept the first two years they were alive, never mind had romantic time with her husband. The Pikes would have had these infant triplets and a toddler Mallory when she got pregnant with Vanessa...crazy.)

Mallory reads The Secret Garden on the way to Sea City. I'm pretty sure that was also in one of the earlier books. Mary Anne has A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Claire calls her mother Moozie. I call my cat Mistletoe Moozy. I have, however, never added Silly-Billy-Goo-Goo on it.

Oh, gag. Stacey gets her first view of the lifeguard and already, she in LUV.

Those eighties prices. MA and Stacey give each of the Pikes a dollar to spend at the Boardwalk. For that amount, Mallory and Vanessa find souvenirs, and the others are all able to ride at least one ride. These days that probably would cost at least five dollars per child. Then they plan $3 per child at the ice cream parlor...

Nicky goes missing on the beach and MA, understandably, panics. Stacey's response? She just kinda rolls her eyes and goes back to hanging out with the lifeguard. If a child goes missing at the beach, shouldn't the lifeguard know? Nicky could have been drowning instead of back at the house.

Don't most mini golf courses have a stroke limit? I once took ten students with special needs to play, and we explained the rules to them in advance. The limit was six, but since we were the only ones there, we upped it to ten. Even if there wasn't a posted limit somewhere, I can't imagine that MA, who has played before, would allow Claire to play nearly 30 strokes on one hole. (Wouldn't it take a very long time to go through the all day?)

Stupid Karen decides to wash her dad's car with steel wool. Watson decides to have it repainted purple. Really, purple?

Image I didn't want: Claire shows up in Stacey and MA's room early in the morning, stark naked.

Claudia: "Mary Anne went out on a double date?" Stacey: "Yup." Claudia: "With a boy?" Book title: Mary Anne Comes Out of the Closet.

Big pink shirt covered in neon-colored tropical birds; baggy shorts and a large green belt; bell earrings that ring; silver bangles
Yellow bikini with bows on the bottom (very 80s)
Pink bikini with palm trees and parrots (what is with Stacey and tropical birds?)
White cotton vest over pink sundress; big ol' floppy 80's hair bow
Cutoff jeans; 1 <3 my Collie t-shirt
Mary Anne
Blue and white striped bikini
Yellow pedal pushers; yellow and white tank top; huge white jacket
Blue headband; white (see-through) swim trunks; tan shirt with cowboy boots and cacti ("cactuses," it says)
White cotton pants and a big blue and white sweater

New charges
Jimmy, Kenny and Ellie (Alex's babysitting charges)

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