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"Sheep...are in." BSC #1 Kristy's Great Idea (1986)

AKA, Ann M Martin Makes her First Million

Of course, this is where it all begins. I don't have to tell you the plot of this one, do I? Read chapter two in any book and you'll be good.

Interesting points

Kristy shames Mary Anne for biting her nails, because she'll never be able to wear nail polish if she has no nails. Later, she takes her house key out of her purse. I guess this goes along with how, in the early books, she wore skirts, jumpers and knee socks. Although, I'm reading the re-write, and she's more appropriately dressed in this one. (See below)

Claudia just got a bra in seventh grade? I was a late bloomer, and I had to wear one by sixth grade.

Stacey needs babysitting money to buy CDs. That just seems (as Karen would say) so, so wrong.

Kristy finds boys gross because they play with their food. I find Kristy gross because she vividly describes the cafeteria food in later books.

Heh. Rainbow Brite from the 1986 version (which Kristy believes Karen has and accuses Watson of never having heard of) has turned into My Little Pony, which works because I definitely played with My Little Ponies those days.

Kristy's quite the little shit to Watson, isn't she? What surprises me is that she's so self-aware of it and why she does it. Maybe she's had some therapy?

Isn't it illegal to put things in people's mailboxes? I'm calling the Stoneybrook PD on these guys. Of course, since the BSC eventually has a friend in the SPD, it would probably get swept under the rug.

When Sam prank calls the first BSC meeting, Mary Anne takes the last call. Kristy says, "Mary Anne's braids practically stood on end." I don't know why, but this made me laugh.

In the re-write, they updated the "handwriting." Stacey's is the same (still with hearts over her i's) but Kristy's, Claudia's and Mary Anne's are all very similar to each other. I had to read for a little while before I knew who was writing. Makes Claudia entries easier to read, a bit. Luckily for my fun, the spelling mistakes are still there. Cusins, instead of cousins.

David Michael's allergic to chocolate? I'm pretty sure he eats chocolate chip cookies later on.

How lame is Mary Anne that she's actually afraid of "Morbidda Destiny?" You'd think she'd have more sense than to let a crazy five year old scare her like that. (On a way-off-to-the-side note, a dear friend of mine, Tessie (also a BSC nut), had a large vocabulary growing up, back when we read these books, but because she had only seen a lot of the words in print and never heard them, she'd pronounce things wrong. For example, Sari Papadakis, she pronounced as sa-rye instead of sar-ee. My sister once said that Tessie would pronounce Morbidda Destiny as more-bid-di-dah des-tye-nee. Ever since then, I can not see those words together without pronouncing it that way.)

Heh heh. Morbidda Destiny uses the word "rapscallion" to describe Boo-Boo. I love that. Karen thinks Boo-Boo has a spell put on him because he runs around crazily like he's on kitty crack. Even the fattest, laziest cat acts like that sometimes. (And I know about fat and lazy cats, as I am typing around Mistletoe right now, while she "mows" at me for jostling her.)

One of my memories of this book is Kristy commenting on Watson coming over to eat leftovers by saying, "We're celebrating with leftover Spaghetti-os?" It was so strong a memory that I started craving Spaghetti-os the second I started reading.

Watson proposes after four months of dating? He must really, really like Kristy's mom. Although, I know a woman who married her husband after about six weeks of dating and they've been together almost ten years.

Guess the BSC isn't the only club in the 'Brook to have emergency meetings. Sam oversleeps and is late to an emergency math club meeting. What kind of emergency does the math club have? Someone steal all the pi buttons off their calculators? (Square Pegs, Square Pegs!) And is Sam always in the math club? It seems kind of geeky compared to how he's later described.

Kristy says that there are still some things left to work out since Watson's divorce. How long has he been divorced that both he and his ex are getting remarried but insurance hasn't been worked out? Sounds like both Watson and his ex work quickly. (Wonder how long he'd known his first wife when they got married?)

You'd think when they updated the books, they could have fixed the part where Karen calls Kristy's mom Edie while her name later becomes Elizabeth. The same thing happens in book six--Karen's mom is called Sheila and either her husband is Kendall or that's her last name; I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go pick up the book that's eight feet from me. Later, Karen's mother and step-father are Lisa and Seth Engle. (I just checked--apparently the re-write caught this one in Kristy's Big Day.)

The book is dedicated to AMM's "old baby-sitting buddy," Beth McKeever Perkins. I have read before that AMM based Mary Anne on herself and Kristy on "her best friend Beth." Also, I just realized that Myriah and Gabbie Perkins (who also show up in AMM's Missing Since Monday and who I had guessed were real people) are Beth's daughters. I'm not sure if she had a daughter named Laura also....anyone know?

I have to say, most of these outfits do seem pretty 1986. I think it's funny how juvenile all the "cool" accessories/outfits seem now. Of course, one of my coworkers wears a necklace with a mustache on it, so who am I to judge?
Lavender overalls with a white lacy blouse; black fedora; red hightops without socks; four braids; hideous clown makeup (so hideous I won't even try to describe it)
Yellow and black check shirt; black pants; red jazz shoes; skeleton earrings
"Outrageous" red felt hat
Sheep barrettes
Pink sequined sweatshirt with purple parrots; short, tight jeans with ankle zippers (I'm picturing acid washed!); pink jellies
Gray sweatshirt and matching skirt covered in yellow 10s; hair clips shaped like rainbows; earrings shaped like whistles
Plaid wool pants with red suspenders
Jeans and t-shirt; blue hair band
Blue and white dress (against her will)
Sweater with snowflakes and snowmen
Mary Anne:
Skirt; saddle shoes; braids
Ratty old jeans; "I know you are, but what am I?" t-shirt (does it have Pee-Wee Hermann on it??)

Clients introduced, in order of mention, with their ages then and in 2012:
David Michael Thomas (6)--32
Karen and Andrew Brewer (5 and 3)--31 and 29
Jamie Newton (3)--29
Claire and Margo Pike (4 and 6)--30 and 32
Buffy and Pinky McKeever (the dogs)
Rosie, Brenda and Rob Feldman (3, 5 and 8)--29, 31 and 34
Nina and Eleanor Marshall (3 and 1)--29 and 27
Charlotte Johanssen (7)--33

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